Susan Gordon Barker

Executive Coach


I help corporate leaders succeed in their business goals and in the way they think about how to connect that to their purpose.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a deep passion for leadership development, diversity, and coaching. I am fortunate that I get to work with people in this space for a living but it is also my vocation so it is part of who I am. I will work with you to dig into where you currently are and where you might want to go. A Successful career transition does not happen by accident. It is both an art and a balancing act, that requires creativity, an honest inward examination, and strategy. We will do this together.

I am not the coach for everyone but I have successfully worked with people at every stage of their careers. I believe that to be effective for you, together we must ensure as a coach and client that we establish a positive, constructive relationship that provides a framework for assessment, learning, and a positive understanding/change. We will get to know each other, I will provide homework and accountability to aid you in getting you out of your own way. My approach is direct and collaborative but in the end, you have to do the work. If that sounds like a fit for you let’s have a conversation.