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Be the corporate leader you always imagined you’d be and impress the hell out of your CEO.


I help corporate leaders succeed in their business goals and in the way they think about how to connect that to their purpose.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a deep passion for leadership development, diversity, and coaching. I am fortunate that I get to work with people in this space for a living, but it is also a part of who I am. I will work with you to dig into where you currently are and where you might want to go. A successful career transition does not happen by accident. It is both an art and a balancing act that requires creativity, an honest inward examination, and a strategy. We will do this together.

My approach isn’t that of a traditional coach, but I have successfully worked with people at every stage of their careers. In order to be effective for you, together we must establish a positive, constructive relationship that provides a framework for assessment, learning, and change. We will get to know one another well. I will provide homework and accountability to aid you in getting you out of your own way. My approach is direct and collaborative. If you are willing to do the work, I will assist you every step of the way. If that sounds like a fit for you, let’s have a conversation.


How I Can Support Your Success

Private Executive Coaching

Goals & Confidence

Leadership Team Coaching

Accountability & Trust

Individual Goal Setting

Opportunities & Roles


And by touching their lives, inspiring their lives – you create such a strong ripple Susan. When I talk about a learning moment or something inspiring, my kids tend to ask where I heard/learned it: they ask if it’s my mom or dad of course, but they also add “your friend Susan?

Meg Kniskern

Director Networking Products Portfolio Management

Susan helped me identify opportunities of improvement that would make me a marketable leader. With her coaching I increased my executive presence, ultimately landing a promotion! She is truly dedicated to helping others identify their purpose and building a roadmap which guarantees success.

Audia Young

IT Operations | Project Management | Operational Excellence | DevOps Leader

Susan has not only been a valued mentor and coach of mine, but also a dear friend. She intricately balances this by her gentleness, tenderness, and passion in bringing up successful young leaders. We connected immediately after I started my internship at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. I was pleasantly inspired by her utmost humility to link up with me and drive in seeing me succeed. Her guidance throughout the internship period has been invaluable. She gave me nuggets on networking with people and helped me establish a roadmap that contributed to the success of the internship. Through her mentoring and coaching, I see a dedicated leader, friend, and coach who deeply cares for the human person and society. She is a real gem!

Gift Neema Maseno

Global Banking and Markets Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

If the game of life is about connections and relationships, I have been truly blessed to have Susan at my disposal over the last decade. As an executive coach, Her ability to understand what its takes to be successful no matter the industry and her creative approach to crafting plans to assist you in creating the right image and gaining the necessary exposures to position you for the next career opportunity are paramount. Simply put, I do not make a career move without her counsel and its paid exponential dividends each and every time.

If you are ready for a promotion, new career opportunities or looking to navigate corporate culture, do yourself a favor and enlist Susan’s services, sometimes you only get one shot”

Julian Thomas

Vice President - IT Digital Experience

Susan has been instrumental in my recognition of self worth, both personally and professionally. She coached me to push my boundaries, experience uncomfortable spaces, and ultimately take the next step in my career. She is a leader and mentor in every sense of the word. Someone true to herself, who wants the best for everyone. I am proud to call her my friend. Thanks for everything Susan!

Andrea Benson

Head of Firmwide Recruiting & Business Management Morgan Stanley

I can literally quantify in dollar amount the value that I have gained from the mentorship, coaching and development that Susan provides me. Simply put, if you want to advance and develop in a manner that will positively impact your career and your development as a leader, then you need Susan in your corner. I had heard of her and sought her out to connect with it and it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship, mentorship, and coaching. She motivates you to push yourself, discover your hidden strengths and amplify them to the benefit of your development and career.

Chigozie Ogwuegbu-Stephens

Senior Risk Officer

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